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32-1325.01. Embalmer's assistants; qualifications; application for registration

A. An applicant for registration as an embalmer's assistant shall:

1. Have been registered as an apprentice embalmer for at least five continuous years.

2. Not have had any disciplinary action taken against the person's registration by the board within the last five years.

3. Pass a practical examination demonstrating the person's competence in embalming and safety procedures.

B. An applicant for registration as an embalmer's assistant shall submit a completed application on a form prescribed by the board. The application shall be subscribed under oath and shall be accompanied by:

1. Any educational, professional and employment information required by the board in its rules.

2. Proof of the applicant's employment as an apprentice embalmer at an establishment licensed under article 4 of this chapter under the supervision of an embalmer licensed under this article.

3. A completed fingerprint card and the prescribed fingerprint background check fee.

4. Any other information required by the board.

5. All applicable fees pursuant to section 32-1309.

C. If the board finds that the applicant meets the criteria for registration under this article and rules adopted by the board, the board shall issue an embalmer's assistant registration.