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SECTION 20035-20037

20035.  In the event a franchisor terminates or fails to renew a
franchise other than in accordance with the provisions of this
chapter, the franchisor shall offer to repurchase from the franchisee
the franchisee's resalable current inventory meeting the franchisor'
s present standards that is required by the franchise agreement or
commercial practice and held for use or sale in the franchised
business at the lower of the fair wholesale market value or the price
paid by the franchisee. The franchisor shall not be liable for
offering to purchase personalized items which have no value to the
franchisor in the business which it franchises.

20036.  The franchisor may offset against any repurchase offer made
pursuant to Section 20035 any sums owed the franchisor or its
subsidiaries by the franchisee pursuant to the franchise or any
ancillary agreement.

20037.  Except as expressly provided herein, nothing in this article
shall abrogate the right of a franchisee to sue under any other law.