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SECTION 4965-4969

4965.  (a) Licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire on
the last day of the birth month of the licensee during the second
year of a two-year term, if not renewed.
   (b) The board shall establish and administer a birth date renewal
   (c) To renew an unexpired license, the holder shall apply for
renewal on a form provided by the board and pay the renewal fee fixed
by the board.

4966.  Except as provided in Section 4969, a license that has
expired may be renewed at any time within three years after its
expiration by filing of an application for renewal on a form provided
by the board, paying all accrued and unpaid renewal fees, and
providing proof of completing continuing education requirements. If
the license is not renewed prior to its expiration, the
acupuncturist, as a condition precedent to renewal, shall also pay
the prescribed delinquency fee. Renewal under this section shall be
effective on the date on which the application is filed, on the date
on which the renewal fee is paid, or on the date the delinquency fee
is paid, whichever occurs last. If so renewed, the license shall
continue in effect through the expiration date provided in Section
4965, after the effective date of the renewal, when it shall expire
and become invalid if it is not again renewed.

4967.  A person who fails to renew his or her license within three
years after its expiration may not renew it, and it may not be
restored, reissued, or reinstated thereafter, but that person may
apply for and obtain a new license if he or she meets all of the
following requirements:
   (a) Has not committed any acts or crimes constituting grounds for
denial of licensure under Division 1.5 (commencing with Section 475).
   (b) Takes and passes the examination, if any, which would be
required of him or her if an initial application for licensure was
being made, or otherwise establishes to the satisfaction of the board
that, with due regard for the public interest, he or she is
qualified to practice as an acupuncturist.
   (c) Pays all of the fees that would be required if an initial
application for licensure was being made. The board may provide for
the waiver or refund of all or any part of an examination fee in
those cases in which a license is issued without an examination
pursuant to this section.

4969.  (a) A suspended license is subject to expiration and shall be
renewed as provided in this article, but the renewal does not
entitle the acupuncturist, while the license remains suspended, and
until it is reinstated, to engage in the practice of acupuncture, or
in any other activity or conduct in violation of the order or
judgment by which the license was suspended.
   (b) A revoked license is subject to expiration as provided in this
article, but it may not be renewed. If it is reinstated after its
expiration, the former licensee, as a condition to reinstatement,
shall pay a reinstatement fee in an amount equal to the renewal fee
in effect on the last regular renewal date before the date on which
the license was reinstated, plus the delinquency fee, if any, accrued
at the time of its expiration.