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SECTION 6785-6788

6785.  The board shall have the power, duty, and authority to
investigate violations of the provisions of this chapter.

6786.  It is the duty of the respective members of the legal system
to prosecute all persons charged with the violation of any of the
provisions of this chapter.
   It is the duty of the executive officer of the board, under the
direction of the board, to aid these officers in the enforcement of
this chapter.

6787.  Every person is guilty of a misdemeanor:
   (a) Who, unless he or she is exempt from licensure under this
chapter, practices or offers to practice civil, electrical, or
mechanical engineering in this state according to the provisions of
this chapter without legal authorization.
   (b) Who presents or attempts to file as his or her own the
certificate of licensure of a licensed professional engineer unless
he or she is the person named on the certificate of licensure.
   (c) Who gives false evidence of any kind to the board, or to any
member thereof, in obtaining a certificate of licensure.
   (d) Who impersonates or uses the seal of a licensed professional
   (e) Who uses an expired, suspended, surrendered, or revoked
certificate issued by the board.
   (f) Who represents himself or herself as, or uses the title of, a
licensed or registered civil, electrical, or mechanical engineer, or
any other title whereby that person could be considered as practicing
or offering to practice civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering
in any of its branches, unless he or she is correspondingly
qualified by licensure as a civil, electrical, or mechanical engineer
under this chapter.
   (g) Who, unless appropriately licensed, manages, or conducts as
manager, proprietor, or agent, any place of business from which
civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering work is solicited,
performed, or practiced, except as authorized pursuant to subdivision
(d) of Section 6738 and Section 8726.1.
   (h) Who uses the title, or any combination of that title, of
"professional engineer," "licensed engineer," "registered engineer,"
or the branch titles specified in Section 6732, or the authority
titles specified in Sections 6736 and 6736.1, or
"engineer-in-training," or who makes use of any abbreviation of that
title that might lead to the belief that he or she is a licensed
engineer, is authorized to use the titles specified in Section 6736
or 6736.1, or holds a certificate as an engineer-in-training, without
being licensed, authorized, or certified as required by this
   (i) Who uses the title "consulting engineer" without being
licensed as required by this chapter or without being authorized to
use that title pursuant to legislation enacted at the 1963, 1965 or
1968 Regular Session.
   (j) Who violates any provision of this chapter.

6788.  Any person who violates any provision of subdivisions (a) to
(i), inclusive, of Section 6787 in connection with the offer or
performance of engineering services for the repair of damage to a
residential or nonresidential structure caused by a disaster for
which a state of emergency is proclaimed by the Governor pursuant to
Section 8625 of the Government Code, or for which an emergency or
major disaster is declared by the President of the United States,
shall be punished by a fine up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or
by imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months, or for two or
three years, or by both the fine and imprisonment, or by a fine up to
one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail
not exceeding one year, or by both the fine and imprisonment.