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SECTION 18370-18373

18370.  The district may at any time be dissolved if two-thirds of
the votes cast at an election called by the library trustees upon the
question of dissolution are in favor of the dissolution.

18371.  The election shall be called and conducted in the same
manner as other elections of the district.

18372.  Upon dissolution, the property of the district shall vest in
any union high school district in which the library is situated.

18373.  If at the time of the election to dissolve the district,
there is any outstanding bonded indebtedness of the district, the
vote to dissolve the district shall dissolve it for all purposes
excepting only the levy and collection of taxes for the payment of
the indebtedness. From the time the district is dissolved until the
bonded indebtedness, with the interest thereon, is fully paid,
satisfied, and discharged, the board of supervisors is ex officio the
library board of the district. The board shall levy such taxes and
perform such other acts as are necessary in order to raise money for
the payment of the indebtedness and the interest thereon.