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SECTION 18555-18558

18555.  When the board of trustees of the library district
determines that the purpose and object of the bonds has been
accomplished, it may request the board of supervisors to cause any
unsold bonds to be issued and sold and the proceeds thereof used for
any or all of the purposes set forth in Section 18510.

18556.  Upon receiving the request, signed by a majority of the
members of the board of trustees, the supervisors shall fix a time
for hearing the request, which shall not be more than 30 days
thereafter, and shall cause a notice, stating the time and place of
hearing, and the object of the request in general terms, to be
published for 10 days prior to the day of hearing in a newspaper
published in the library district, if there is one, and if there is
no newspaper published in the library district, then in a newspaper
published at the county seat of the county in which the library
district or part thereof is situated.

18557.  At the time and place designated in the notice for hearing
the request, or at any subsequent time to which the hearing may be
postponed, the supervisors shall hear any reasons that may be
submitted for or against the granting of the request. If, before the
conclusion of the hearing, a petition signed by registered voters
within the district equal to not less than 10 percent of the vote
cast within the boundaries of the district for all candidates for
governor at the last gubernatorial election requesting an election is
not filed, the board of supervisors may, if they determine it to be
for the best interests of the library district, grant the request. In
such event, they shall make and enter an order in the minutes of
their proceedings that the unsold bonds shall be sold and the
proceeds used for the purposes specified in the request.

18558.  In the event a petition, as set forth in Section 18557, is
filed, the board of supervisors shall not grant the request without
first submitting the question to the voters in the same manner and
with the same effect as provided for a referendum by the electors of
a district pursuant to Section 9340 of the Elections Code.