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SECTION 19985-19986

19985.  This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the
California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library
Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2000.

19985.5.  The Legislature finds and declares the following:
   (a) Reading and literacy skills are fundamental to success in our
economy and our society.
   (b) The Legislature and Governor have made enormous strides in
improving the quality of reading instruction in public schools.
   (c) Public libraries are an important resource to further
California's reading and literacy goals both in conjunction with the
public schools and for the adult population.
   (d) The construction and renovation of public library facilities
is necessary to expand access to reading and literacy programs in
California's public education system and to expand access to public
library services for all residents of California.

19986.  As used in this chapter, the following terms have the
following meanings:
   (a) "Committee" means the California Library Construction and
Renovation Finance Committee established pursuant to Section 19972.
   (b) "Fund" means the California Public Library Construction and
Renovation Fund.
   (c) "Board" means the California Public Library Construction and
Renovation Board. This board is comprised of the State Librarian, the
Treasurer, the Director of Finance, an Assembly Member appointed by
the Speaker of the Assembly, a Senator appointed by the Senate Rules
Committee, and a member appointed by the Governor.
   Legislative members of the board shall meet with, and participate
in, the work of the board to the extent that their participation is
not incompatible with their duties as Members of the Legislature. For
the purposes of this chapter, Members of the Legislature who are
members of the board shall constitute a joint legislative committee
on the subject matter of this chapter.