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SECTION 24900-24908

24900.  The governing boards of two or more school districts, in
none of which the employees are entitled to the benefits of a pension
or retirement system maintained by a city, city and county, or
county in which the district, or a part thereof, is located, meeting
in joint session, may in their discretion, submit to the qualified
electors of the districts, and upon petition signed by not less than
10 percent of the qualified electors of each district the governing
boards shall submit to the qualified electors of the districts the
proposition of establishing a joint plan for a retirement salary to
be paid by the districts to all teachers fulfilling the requirements
of the plan in the public schools of the districts and to other
employees of the districts as the governing boards may determine, or,
in the case of a petition, other employees specified in the
petition, and to provide, out of funds of the districts, a portion of
the cost thereunder, including expenses incident to the
administration of the plan.

24901.  The proposition of establishing the plan may be submitted to
the electors of the districts at any general or special election
called and held in the districts, as the governing boards of the
districts may determine. The governing boards of the school districts
may order the elections that shall be called and held in accordance
with the provisions of Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 5300) of
Part 4.

24902.  The governing boards calling the election shall consolidate
the election and submit to the electors of the respective districts
on the same day the question of whether a district retirement plan
shall be established in the districts. Within the territory affected
by the order of consolidation, the election precinct polling places
and voting booths shall, in every case, be the same. There shall be
only one set of election officers in each precinct. The propositions
to be voted upon within the respective districts may be set forth on
one ticket or ballot. All proceedings had in the premises shall be
recorded in one set of election papers, and the election shall be
held in all respects as though there were only one election.

24903.  The election may be consolidated with any other election
pursuant to Part 3 (commencing with Section 10400) of Division 10 of
the Elections Code.

24904.  The election shall be called by posting notices, signed by a
majority of the governing board of each district, not less than 10
days before the election. If there is a newspaper of general
circulation published in any of the districts, notice shall be
published in such a newspaper at least once, and at least 10 days
prior to the election.

24905.  In all respects not otherwise specified the election shall
be called and held, and returns canvassed and the result announced in
the manner provided for the holding of elections for the purpose of
authorizing bonds of the school districts, so far as the provisions
of the laws are applicable. The governing boards of the school
districts in which the election is held shall, for the purposes of
this section, be considered as one board.

24906.  There shall be printed on the ballots to be used at the
election the proposition: "Shall the governing boards of (here insert
the names of the districts under the control of the boards
submitting the proposition) school districts be authorized to
establish a plan for a joint district retirement salary for the
teachers and such other employees of the districts as the governing
boards or the petition determines." To the right of the proposition
shall be printed the words "Yes" and "No" with voting squares.

24907.  If, at the election, a majority of the voters in each
district voting on the proposition cast their ballots in favor of the
proposition, the governing boards shall establish a joint district
retirement salary plan for the teachers and for such other employees
of the districts as the boards or the petition determine.

24908.  If a majority of the votes cast in each district on the
proposition is in the negative, the governing boards shall not submit
the proposition again within a period of six months after the date
of the election.