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SECTION 51400-51403

51400.  The governing board of any school district maintaining an
elementary school may provide for the conferring of diplomas of
graduation, by examination, and may issue diplomas of graduation from
the elementary schools of the district and from special day and
evening classes of elementary grade maintained by the district of any
type or class.

51401.  Nothing in this article shall be construed as prohibiting
the governing board of any school district from issuing diplomas of
graduation without examination to the pupils in any school which has
been accredited by the county board of education.

51402.  The diplomas of graduation from elementary schools shall be
conferred only upon the pupils who have completed the course of study

51403.  Elementary school diplomas granted by the governing board of
a school district may be on blanks furnished by the Superintendent
of Public Instruction or on forms provided by the district, which
shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Public
Instruction. All diplomas shall be signed by a majority of the
members of the board or its designated representative. Facsimile
signatures or signature stamps may be used for this purpose.