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SECTION 52180-52186

52180.  It is the intent of the Legislature that school districts,
county offices of education and institutions of higher education,
with the assistance of the State Department of Education, shall
continue to provide training for teachers under bilingual teacher

52181.  The State Bilingual Teacher Training Assistance Program is
hereby established for teachers who are granted waivers under Section
52178 and who are enrolled and participating in a program leading to
a bilingual specialist credential or a certificate of competence for
bilingual-crosscultural competence. The program shall be
administered by the State Department of Education which shall, in
consultation with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and
representatives of bilingual educators from institutions of higher
education, county offices of education, and school districts, develop
annual and long-range goals and objectives for the program, based
upon the reports required under subparagraph (B) of paragraph (2) of
subdivision (a) of Section 52171.6 and under Section 52178.

52182.  (a) The State Department of Education shall establish
minimum standards and criteria for the State Bilingual Teacher
Training Assistance Program, and shall conduct appropriate training
programs, or provide for training services by allocation to existing
state staff development resource centers, county offices of
education, public or private four-year institutions of postsecondary
education, bilingual programs consortia, or cooperatives formed among
two or more of these groups.
   (b) Allocations for training programs conducted under this article
shall be primarily directed toward school districts with high
concentrations of pupils of limited-English-proficiency and teachers
on waiver under Section 52178.
   (c) In awarding allocations pursuant to subdivision (a), the
department shall adopt evaluative criteria demonstrating the agency's
ability to provide appropriate training services. The adopted
criteria shall include, but need not be limited to, all of the
   (1) Demonstrated commitment to bilingual education and bilingual
teacher training.
   (2) Demonstrated capability to fully prepare candidates for
bilingual certificates of competence in accordance with the criteria
for assessment in language, methodology, and culture.
   (3) The availability of bilingual education staff with
demonstrated experience and knowledge of bilingual education training
   (4) Demonstrated management and supportive services necessary to
efficiently and effectively meet the intent of this article.
   (5) District matching funds or in-kind matching resources in
support of teachers participating in training programs under this
   (d) Agencies maintaining programs for the training of bilingual
teachers on waiver shall have their programs approved for a period
not to exceed three consecutive years, contingent upon all of the
   (1) The availability of funds.
   (2) The submission of acceptable plans and modifications thereof.
   (3) An annual evaluation that demonstrates that participants have
made significant progress toward passing competency requirements
leading to bilingual teachers certification. Upon the successful
completion of a three-year cycle, centers shall be eligible to
reapply for continued funding.

52183.  The department shall establish minimum requirements for
teachers who may wish to participate in the program, including, but
not limited to, the following requirements:
   (a) That the teacher is working in a bilingual classroom serving
pupils of limited-English-proficiency and is under a bilingual
teacher waiver issued pursuant to Section 52178.
   (b) That the teacher's waiver application includes a certification
by an assessor agency approved by the Commission on Teacher
Preparation and Licensing issued pursuant to Section 52178.
   (c) That the teacher is enrolled and participating in a program
leading to a bilingual specialist credential or a certificate of
competence for bilingual-crosscultural instruction pursuant to
Section 44253.5.
   (d) That the teacher demonstrates the ability and commitment to
meet the requirements of the certificate of competence within the
time period specified in Section 52178.

52184.  The department shall prepare and submit to the Legislature
an annual report regarding the number of participants in the State
Bilingual Teacher Training Assistance Program, the success of the
program in assisting teachers under waiver in the geographic areas of
the state with high concentrations of pupils of
limited-English-proficiency and teachers under waiver, and the number
of teachers who have received assistance under the program and who
have been certified as bilingual-crosscultural teachers.

52185.  Agencies funded under Section 52182 to provide training
services shall report annually to the Superintendent of Public
Instruction the information required under Section 52184.

52186.  The department shall provide ongoing technical assistance
and support for districts establishing or continuing bilingual
teacher training assistance programs under this article.