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SECTION 52480-52483

52480.  The Legislature finds and declares that education and
training in the area of computer technology is of major importance to
the State of California. For that reason, the Legislature has
enacted this article to provide special funding for the Institute for
Computer Technology.

52481.  The Institute for Computer Technology is a joint powers
entity established by the Sunnyvale Elementary School District, the
Fremont Union High School District, and the Los Gatos Joint Union
High School District.

52482.  The Institute for Computer Technology is authorized to
conduct a program of education and training in computer technology
for pupils in kindergarten or in grades 1 to 12, inclusive, or for

52483.  State funding for the Institute for Computer Technology
shall be provided only on a matching basis, so that the total dollar
amount received by the institute from participating school districts
or private sources over the preceding three-year period whether by
direct funding or in-kind support, equals or exceeds the total dollar
amount provided by the state for that same period.