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SECTION 52700-52706

52700.  The governing board of any school district may, for the
purpose of providing practical instruction in agriculture, establish
one or more school farms for any one or more of the schools of the
district whenever in its judgment it is advisable to do so.

52701.  The cost of purchasing and equipping a school farm and all
other costs not met from the receipts of the operation of the farm
shall be a charge against the funds of the school district.

52702.  The governing board of the district may provide for the
general supervision of the farm and the cost of the supervision may
be a charge against the funds of the district.

52703.  All moneys received from the sale of produce, livestock and
other products of a farm shall be paid into the county treasury to
the credit of the general fund of the district.

52704.  The governing board of the school district may, as an
alternative to the procedure provided for in Section 52703, establish
an account for each such farm established in the district, or for
all such farms established by the district, in one or more banks to
be known as "The School Farm Account" of (insert name of district)
District. If the account is established for one of several farms, it
shall be known as "The School Farm Account of (insert name of school)
School of (insert name of district) District." All receipts of the
school farm, or farms, derived from the sale of produce, livestock,
and other products, may be withdrawn from the general fund in the
same manner as other moneys may be withdrawn from funds of the
district and deposited in the account for expenditure for the
operation and maintenance of the farm, or farms, in accordance with
the direction of the governing board.

52705.  The governing board may designate an employee or employees
of the district to have custody of the account or accounts
established under Section 52704, who shall be responsible for the
payment into the account or accounts of all moneys received for or to
be paid into the account or accounts, and for all expenditures
therefrom, subject to such regulations as the governing board may

52706.  The governing board may buy feed, livestock, and materials
and supplies for a farm and may sell produce, livestock and other
products of a farm in accordance with rules and regulations adopted
by the board notwithstanding any provision of this code in conflict
with such rules and regulations.