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SECTION 8990-8997

8990.  The Legislature encourages nutritional education
instructional activities that comply with all of the following:
   (a) They emphasize the appealing aspects of healthy eating.
   (b) They are participatory, developmentally appropriate, and
   (c) They engage families as partners in their children's
   (d) They encourage teachers responsible for nutrition education,
who have received nutrition instruction during their credentialing
program, to be adequately prepared and regularly participate in
professional development activities to effectively deliver the
nutrition education program as planned. Preparation and professional
development activities should provide basic knowledge of nutrition,
combined with skill practice in program-specific activities and
instructional techniques and strategies designed to promote healthy
eating habits.

8993.  The Legislature encourages school instructional staff to do
the following:
   (a) Be informed about the negative consequences of using food as a
reward and of withholding food from pupils as punishment.
   (b) The need to closely coordinate with the food service program
and other components of the school health program in order to
integrate nutrition concepts into the instruction of other subject
   (c) Cooperate with other agencies and community groups to provide
opportunities for pupil volunteer work related to nutrition, such as
assisting with food recovery efforts and preparing nutritious meals
for house-bound people.
   (d) Collaborate with agencies and groups conducting nutrition
education in the community to send consistent messages to pupils and
their families. Guest speakers invited to address pupils shall
receive appropriate orientation to the relevant policies of the
   (e) Disseminate information to parents, guardians, pupils, and
staff about community programs that offer nutrition assistance to
   (f) Model healthy eating behaviors.

8995.  The Legislature encourages school administrations to do the
   (a) Offer wellness programs that include personalized instruction
about healthy eating and physical activity.
   (b) Ensure that the nutrition services, health services, and
social services children need in order to learn are provided at the
schoolsite or in cooperation with other community agencies.

8996.  As used in this article the following terms have the
following meanings:
   (a) "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" means the current set of
recommendations of the federal government that are designed to help
people choose diets that will meet nutrient requirements, promote
health, support active lives, and reduce chronic disease risks.
   (b) "Nutrition education" means a planned sequential instructional
program that provides knowledge and teaches skills to help pupils
adopt and maintain lifelong, healthy eating patterns.

8997.  This chapter shall become operative on July 1, 2004.