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SECTION 4300-4303

4300.  Subject to this division, a person shall support the person's

4301.  Subject to Section 914, a person shall support the person's
spouse while they are living together out of the separate property of
the person when there is no community property or quasi-community

4302.  A person is not liable for support of the person's spouse
when the person is living separate from the spouse by agreement
unless support is stipulated in the agreement.

4303.  (a) The obligee spouse, or the county on behalf of the
obligee spouse, may bring an action against the obligor spouse to
enforce the duty of support.
   (b) If the county furnishes support to a spouse, the county has
the same right as the spouse to whom the support was furnished to
secure reimbursement and obtain continuing support. The right of the
county to reimbursement is subject to any limitation otherwise
imposed by the law of this state.
   (c) The court may order the obligor to pay the county reasonable
attorney's fees and court costs in a proceeding brought by the county
under this section.