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SECTION 18060-18062

18060.  After the report is considered by it, the city council may
pass a resolution of intention to order the improvement.

18061.  The resolution of intention:
   (a) Shall briefly describe the proposed improvement.
   (b) Shall describe, in writing or by reference to the diagram
referred to in Section 18041 with any modifications required by the
city council, the boundaries of the assessment district.
   (c) May order that a certain portion or percentage of the costs
and expenses of the improvement, the amount of which portion or
percentage shall be specified in the resolution, shall be paid out of
the city treasury from any fund the city council may designate.

18062.  The city council shall, in the resolution of intention,
provide that the improvement of the street lighting system shall be
for a period of time stated in the resolution of intention. The dates
of commencement and ending of that period shall be fixed by the city
council on or before the date of execution of any contract as
provided in this part, or, in the event that no contract is let and
the maintenance or servicing is furnished by the city, those dates
shall be fixed by the city council on or before the date of ordering
the maintenance or servicing by the city. The city council may
subsequently postpone the dates of commencement and ending of the
period for a reasonable time upon good and sufficient reason
appearing therefor and may, in any advertisement for bids and in any
contract entered into, reserve the right to make such postponement
for such reason.