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SECTION 18070-18077

18070.  (a) After the adoption of the resolution of intention, the
city council shall direct the clerk to give notice and set the time
and date for a public meeting and public hearing pursuant to Section
54954.6 of the Government Code.
   (b) If assessments are to be levied as contemplated by Section
18041, then the notice procedures shall comply with Section 53753 of
the Government Code.

18074.  (a) Any person interested who objects to the proposed
improvement may file a written protest, stating his or her
objections, with the clerk at or before the hour set for the hearing
of protests. The clerk shall indorse on every protest the date and
time of its reception by him or her, and at the time appointed for
the hearing shall present to the governing body all protests so
   (b) If assessments are to be levied, the protest procedures shall
comply with Section 53753 of the Government Code.

18075.  The city council shall hear, consider, and pass upon the
protests against the proposed improvement at the time appointed, or
at any time to which the hearings may be adjourned, and its decision
on all matters of protest shall be final and conclusive. If those
protests are sustained, the proceedings shall be abandoned but may be
renewed at any time. If those protests are denied or if no protests
are filed the proposed assessment as the same shall have been
modified or corrected shall be confirmed, and the city council shall
thereupon acquire jurisdiction to proceed with the improvement and
may by resolution order the proposed improvement to be made.

18076.  If there is a majority protest by the landowners in any zone
to the improvement in that zone, or if the officer or person
designated reports that it is practical to subdivide a zone and a
majority of the landowners in that subdivided zone protest the
improvement in that subdivided zone, the city council shall strike
that zone or subdivided zone from the proceedings and correct the
proposed assessment accordingly, unless that body, by a four-fifths
affirmative vote of all its members finds that the public interest
and convenience require that street lights in that zone or subdivided
zone be improved. The determination of the city council shall be
final and conclusive.

18077.  If a zone or subdivided zone is struck from the proceedings,
the city council may proceed the same as though that zone or
subdivided zone was not a part of the original proceedings.