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SECTION 18080-18084

18080. Whenever in the opinion of the city council of any city the
public interest or convenience may require that body to order the
improvement of any street lighting system located on lands in the
city outside the boundaries of a district established under the
provisions of this part, whether or not such lands are contiguous to
the boundaries of such established district, that body may, in lieu
of establishing a new district under this part, order the annexation
of such lands to an existing district established under this part and
may assess, either partly or wholly, the costs and expenses,
including all incidental expenses of such improvement, or of any one
or more of the items thereof, upon the lands in the district,
including the lands thus annexed.

18081. The procedures applicable to such annexation and the lands
so annexed shall, except as otherwise in this chapter expressly
provided, be the same as those applicable to the establishment of the
district and to the administration of such established district.

18082. The improvement of the street lighting system within the
lands so annexed shall be for a period of time not longer than that
fixed for the improvement ordered to be made within the established
district to which such lands are annexed.

18083. The term of the contract to be let for making the
improvement within the lands so annexed shall be for such period of
time as will cause such contract to expire or terminate on the same
date as the contract let for the improvement to be made in the
district as originally established.

18084. In the event that an ordinance requires the installation of
a street lighting system by a subdivider, the resolution of intention
may state that the territory owned by the subdivider comes under the
terms of such ordinance and order that such territory, without
notice and hearing, be formed into a district, or annexed to an
existing district, established under the provisions of this part.