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SECTION 18340-18343

18340.  The city council shall, prior to the adoption of the
resolution of intention to order any improvement to be made, require
the superintendent of streets to make and file with the clerk a
written report containing the following:
   (a) An estimate of the cost of such improvement and incidental
expenses for the period of time recommended to be specified in the
resolution of intention.
   (b) A diagram or map showing the streets affected by the
proceeding and in which street lighting systems have been installed
and also each lot or parcel of land abutting such streets. Each lot
or parcel of land shall be given a separate number upon the diagram.
The diagram, as finally approved by the city council, shall govern
for all details as to the lots or parcels of land benefited by the
   (c) A proposed assessment of the total amount of the probable or
estimated costs and expenses of the proposed improvement upon the
several lots or parcels of land shown on the diagram or map referred
to in subdivision (b) above, in proportion to the estimated benefits
to be received by each such lot or parcel of land, respectively, for
the period of time recommended for the continuance of the improvement
and which is to be set out in the resolution of intention. The
assessment shall refer to such lots or parcels of land upon the
diagram or map by the respective numbers thereon.
   (d) Plans and specifications which shall set out, among other
things, the general type of street lighting system in each zone. The
lighting systems to be improved shall be divided into zones and in
each zone shall be grouped those systems of approximately the same
general type. It shall be a sufficient description of the location of
the lights to be improved if such plans or specifications show or
describe the approximate location of the lights.

18341.  Upon the filing of the report, the clerk shall present it to
the city council for consideration at its next regular meeting, and
that body may correct or modify it in any respect. The report as
approved or as corrected or modified by the city council shall stand
as the report for the purpose of all subsequent proceedings.

18342.  When the report has been approved, the city council shall
adopt a resolution of intention to order the improvement to be made.
The resolution shall:
   (a) Briefly describe the proposed improvement.
   (b) Refer to the streets, by their lawful or official names or the
names by which they are commonly known.
   (c) If the improvement is not upon a street and there is no lawful
or common name thereof, then briefly describe the land or right of
way on which the improvement is to be made.
   (d) Refer to the report of the superintendent of streets on file
in the office of the city clerk.
   (e) Fix the period of time for which the improvement is to be

18343.  (a) The city council shall cause notice to be mailed and set
the time and date for a public meeting and public hearing pursuant
to Section 54954.6 of the Government Code.
   (b) If assessments are to be levied as contemplated by Section
18340, the notice procedures shall comply with Section 53753 of the
Government Code.