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SECTION 19230-19234

19230.  Any portion of the territory of a highway lighting district
may be withdrawn therefrom. Proceedings for the withdrawal of
territory may be instituted by the board of supervisors upon its own
motion, or by filing with the board of supervisors a petition signed
by 50 or more freeholders or by a majority thereof if there are less
than 100, within the territory desired to be withdrawn from the
district requesting the withdrawal of the territory and describing
the exterior boundaries of the territory so sought to be withdrawn.

19231.  The board of supervisors shall fix a time and place for the
hearing on the motion or the petition and for hearing protests
against the continuance of the remaining territory as a highway
lighting district. The time fixed for the hearings shall not be less
than 15 nor more than 30 days after the motion or receipt of the

19232.  At least 10 days before the time fixed for the hearing the
board of supervisors shall publish a notice of the hearing by one
insertion in the newspaper circulated in the district which the board
believes will best serve to give notice to the inhabitants of the
district of the proposed withdrawal of territory. The notice shall
also be posted at least one week prior to the time fixed for the
hearing in three public places within the district, one of which
shall be within the portion of the district proposed to be withdrawn.

19233.  Any person interested may appear at the hearing and object
to the withdrawal of territory from the district or may object to the
continuance of the remaining territory as a highway lighting
district. The board of supervisors shall consider and pass upon all
objections, and the board of supervisors may order the withdrawal or
may grant the petition for withdrawal either in whole or in part, and
by resolution declare the district reestablished excluding from the
district the territory withdrawn if it finds that one or more of the
following facts exist:
   (a) The territory to be withdrawn will be benefited by withdrawal.
   (b) The withdrawal will allow economies and efficiencies in
administration or operation of an existing lighting system in the
territory to be withdrawn.
   The decision of the board of supervisors on all objections and
protests which are made shall be final and conclusive.

19234.  Upon the withdrawal of any territory from the district, the
remaining territory in the district shall continue as a lighting
district until dissolved. No withdrawal of territory shall become
effective until any outstanding contract for service has expired or
such contract has, with the consent of the person furnishing such
service, been modified or canceled so as to relieve the district of
further obligation to pay for future lighting service within the
territory withdrawn.