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SECTION 26040-26043

26040.  In fixing the final boundaries of the district the board of
supervisors may exclude any lands which it finds have been improperly

26041.  The board of supervisors may include any lands adjacent to
those described in the petition, either on:
   (a) Petition of the owners of the adjacent lands; or
   (b) Upon notice of its intention to include the adjacent lands
within the district.
   If the lands are included upon notice, the notice shall be
published in the same manner and for the same time as the original
notice of hearing.

26042.  The notice of intention to include adjacent lands shall
refer to the petition for the formation of the district on file with
the board of supervisors, shall describe the adjacent territory
intended to be included within the proposed boundaries of the
proposed district and direct all persons interested to appear at a
specified time and place and show cause if any there be why the
described lands should not be included within the district.

26043.  Upon the petition and evidence produced at the hearings the
board of supervisors shall determine and fix the boundaries of the
district and shall, by order entered in its minutes, define and
establish such boundaries.