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SECTION 26110-26115

26110.  The commission shall be the governing body of the district,
and shall exercise all of the powers which are vested in the
district. At its first meeting or as soon thereafter as may be
practicable, the commission shall choose one of its members as
president, and another of its members as secretary. All written
documents shall be signed in the name of the district by the
president of the commission, and countersigned by the secretary.

26111.  The commission shall hold all meetings in the district at an
appointed place, at such times as may be convenient. If either the
president or the secretary are absent or unable to act, the
commission shall, by order entered upon its minutes, choose from its
members a president pro tempore, or secretary pro tempore, as the
case may be.

26112.  A majority of the members of the commission shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of business, and every decision of the
majority made when duly assembled, is valid as an act of the

26113.  The district may use a common seal, alterable at the
pleasure of the commission and may:
   (a) Sue and be sued in its own name.
   (b) Lay out, establish, construct, acquire and maintain boulevards
within the district, and for this purpose acquire by purchase, gift,
devise, condemnation proceedings or otherwise, and pay for and hold,
real and personal property and rights of way within the district.
   Any easement procured for the building of a boulevard, whether
procured by grant or condemnation, shall permit the use of the
boulevard by a railroad, electric road, or street railroad pursuant
to this part.
   (c) Make and accept all contracts, deeds, releases and documents
of any kind which shall be necessary or proper to the exercise of any
of the powers of the district.
   (d) Direct the payment of all lawful claims and demands against
the district.
   (e) Issue bonds as hereinafter provided, and provide for their
   (f) When directed to do so by a vote of the people of the
district, have sufficient taxes levied for the construction,
maintenance or repair of district boulevards, and the payment of all
indebtedness and running expenses of the district.
   (g) Employ all necessary engineers, surveyors, agents and workmen
to do the work on or in connection with the boulevards in the
   (h) Do any and all things necessary or proper for the complete
exercise of its powers and the accomplishment of the purposes for
which it was formed.

26114.  For the purposes of this part the district may take over,
control, operate, and use in whole or in part any county road or
public highway and may construct any boulevard in whole or in part,
over, along, or upon all or any part of any county road or public
highway. District funds may be expended in the improvement of such
road or highway to conform to the width and general character of the
balance of the boulevard.

26115.  At its option, the commission may make application to the
Department of Transportation for the exercise by the department of
any powers, duties, or authority which the department may have with
respect to the ownership, construction, maintenance, or improvement
of any boulevard pursuant to this part, including the preparation of
plans, specifications, and estimates and the handling and expenditure
of district moneys for such construction, maintenance, or
   Any such application to the Department of Transportation shall be
made in accordance with the provisions of law defining the powers,
duties, or privileges of the department in relation to such matters,
and, upon the granting of any such application by the department, the
commission shall have full power to carry out the terms of the
application on its part.