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SECTION 27040-27048

27040.  The petition for the formation of the district shall give
the name of the district, which shall be the legal name under which
the district shall be known, and shall set forth the extent of the
proposed district, either by describing its exterior boundaries, or
by naming the counties proposed to be included in it and shall
contain a prayer that the proposed district be incorporated under the
provisions of this part.

27041.  If only part of any county is proposed to be included in the
district, the extent of the part of the county included may be
indicated by naming the county and excepting therefrom some
administrative or governmental subdivisions thereof, such as
townships, school districts or other similar subdivisions, or the
excluded portion may be described by its boundaries. In any
description of included or excluded territory, reference to recorded
instruments may be made for the purpose of defining boundaries.

27042.  Attached to each copy of the petition shall be a copy of the
ordinance providing for its circulation.

27043.  The petition circulated in each county may consist of any
number of separate copies of the original instrument and shall be
signed by voters residing within the boundaries of the county or
portion of the county proposed to be included in the district equal
in number to at least 10 per cent of the number of voters in the
county or portion thereof from which the petition is presented who
voted for Governor of this State at the last general election at
which a Governor was elected prior to the presentation of the

27044.  The copies of the petition from each county shall be grouped
or fastened together and submitted to the county elections official
of that county for examination and verification. The county elections
official shall have 30 days' time for the examination of the copies
of the petition left with him or her for verification. Within that
period of time he or she shall verify each of the signatures on the
copies of the petition left with him or her, attach thereto his or
her certificate that the copies of the petition have been signed by
the requisite number of registered voters and forward the copies of
the petition with his or her certificate attached to the Secretary of

27045.  If the county elections official finds that the copies of
the petition are not signed by the requisite number of registered
voters residing within the county he or she shall certify to the
number of registered voters required to make the petition sufficient.
Within 20 days from the date of that certificate, copies of the
petition containing additional signatures secured either by the same
persons theretofore appointed to secure signatures or by other
persons appointed by the board of supervisors for that purpose may be
filed with the county elections official.

27046.  The county elections official shall within 30 days after the
filing of the supplemental copies of the petition examine and verify
each of the signatures thereon and certify to the result of the
examination as he or she did in connection with the original copies
of the petition.

27047.  If the petition as supplemented contains a sufficient number
of signatures the county elections official shall present it with
the certificate to that effect attached to the Secretary of State
without delay.

27048.  If the certificate of the county elections official shows
that any petition as originally filed or as supplemented is
insufficient he or she shall so certify and the petition with the
certificate attached shall be filed with the Secretary of State and
kept by the Secretary of State as a public record, without prejudice
however, to the filing of a new petition to the same effect.