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SECTION 36060-36063

36060.  The collection of the tax imposed pursuant to this part
shall be made at the same time and in the same manner as any other
business license tax or in such other manner as the city council
shall determine.

36061.  Changes may be made in the rate or additional rate or levy
or in the uses to which the revenue shall be put as specified in the
ordinance establishing the area, by ordinance adopted after a hearing
before the city council.
   The city council shall adopt a resolution of intention to change
the rate or additional rate or levy or the uses to which the revenue
shall be put at least 15 days prior to the hearing required by this
section. This resolution shall specify the proposed change and shall
give the time and place of the hearing.

36062.  The tax need not be imposed on different classes,
established pursuant to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 36040) of
the business on the same basis or at the same rate; provided,
however, that the tax imposed for the purpose of the acquisition,
construction or maintenance of parking facilities for the benefit of
the area shall be imposed on the basis of benefit determined by the
city council after giving consideration to the total cost to be
recovered from the businesses upon which the tax is to be imposed,
the total area within the boundaries of the parking and business
improvement area, the assessed value of the land and improvements
within the area, the total business volume generated within the area,
and such other factors as the city council may find and determine to
be a reasonable measure of such benefit.

36063.  The tax levied hereunder must be for the purposes specified
in the ordinances and the proceeds shall not be used for any other