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SECTION 11240-11242

11240.  The unit designated as the Tehama-Colusa Canal consists of a
conduit or canal, equipped with the necessary dams, pumping plants,
groundwater recharge facilities, and other related works extending
from the Sacramento River, at or near Red Bluff, southerly through
the Counties of Tehama, Glenn, Colusa, Yolo, Solano, and Napa, and
serving those counties.

11241.  The Tehama-Colusa Canal shall have the capacity that the
department, in cooperation with local public agencies in the service
area, determines to be necessary to provide an adequate supply of
water for industrial, agricultural, domestic, waterfowl refuge,
wildlife, fisheries, and other beneficial uses in the area the canal

11242.  The water facilities authorized by Sections 11240 and 11241
may be constructed, owned, and operated by one or more local
agencies, the department, or a joint powers authority created by
agreement between those entities. Any joint powers authority may
additionally include the federal Bureau of Reclamation.