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SECTION 1210-1212

1210.  The owner of a waste water treatment plant operated for the
purpose of treating wastes from a sanitary sewer system shall hold
the exclusive right to the treated waste water as against anyone who
has supplied the water discharged into the waste water collection and
treatment system, including a person using water under a water
service contract, unless otherwise provided by agreement.
   Nothing in this article shall affect the treatment plant owner's
obligations to any legal user of the discharged treated waste water.
   Nothing in this article is intended to interfere with the
regulatory authority of the board or any California regional water
quality control board under Division 7 (commencing with Section

1211.  (a) Prior to making any change in the point of discharge,
place of use, or purpose of use of treated wastewater, the owner of
any wastewater treatment plant shall obtain approval of the board for
that change. The board shall review the changes pursuant to the
provisions of Chapter 10 (commencing with Section 1700) of Part 2 of
Division 2.
   (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to changes in the discharge or
use of treated wastewater that do not result in decreasing the flow
in any portion of a watercourse.

1212.  The board shall not grant any permit or license to any person
other than the treated waste water producer for the appropriation of
treated waste water where the producer has introduced such water
into the watercourse with the prior stated intention of maintaining
or enhancing fishery, wildlife, recreational, or other instream
beneficial uses. Holders of existing water rights may not use or
claim such water.