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SECTION 1320-1324

1320.  Notice of an application for three cubic feet or less per
second or for 200 acre-feet or less per annum of storage shall be
given by posting and mailing in accordance with this article.

1321.  Upon the date of issuance of notice of an application coming
under this article the board shall mail three copies of the notice to
the applicant by registered mail and shall also send a copy by
registered mail to each person who is known to the board and who in
its judgment is interested in the application because of ownership or
location in the vicinity of the proposed appropriation.

1322.  The applicant shall post the notice within 20 days of the
date of issuance thereof in at least two conspicuous places in the
locality to be affected by the proposed appropriation.

1323.  Proof of posting shall be by affidavit of the applicant or
the person posting notice on behalf of the applicant and shall be
filed within 40 days from the date of issuance of notice.

1324.  The board may cancel any application for failure of the
applicant to file proof of posting in accordance with this article,
provided the board first gives the applicant written notice of such
possible cancellation and 15 days in which to file proof of posting.