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SECTION 20930-20938

20930.  The formation election may be contested by any person owning
property liable to assessment within the proposed district.

20931.  No contest shall be brought more than 20 days after the
canvass of the vote of the election by the board of supervisors.

20932.  The directors elected at the formation election shall be
parties defendant in an election contest.

20933.  The election contest shall be brought in the superior court
of the county where the formation proceedings were had.

20934.  If more than one contest is pending, they shall be
consolidated and tried together.

20935.  The court shall speedily try the election contest.

20936.  The determination of the election contest shall be based on
whether or not the election was conducted fairly and in substantial
compliance with the requirements of this chapter. Judgment shall be
entered accordingly.

20937.  An appeal may be taken by any party to an election contest
within 30 days from entry of judgment.

20938.  The appeal shall be heard and determined within 60 days from
the time of filing the notice of appeal.