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SECTION 21141-21147

21141.  When not otherwise provided by the board the bonds to be
given by the following officers shall be in the following sums:
   (a) Assessor: Five thousand dollars ($5,000).
   (b) Collector: Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).
   (c) Treasurer: One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

21142.  The board may fix the bonds to be given by the following
officers and persons to suit the conditions of the district within
the following sums:
   (a) Treasurer: Five thousand dollars ($5,000) to one hundred
thousand dollars ($100,000).
   (b) Collector: Five thousand dollars ($5,000) to twenty thousand
dollars ($20,000).
   (c) Secretary: Any sum.
   (d) Custodian of a special fund: Any sum.

21142.5.  If the offices of assessor, collector, and treasurer in
any district are held by one person, the board may fix one bond to
cover all three offices within the sum of five thousand dollars
($5,000) to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

21143.  All bonds shall be in the form prescribed for the official
bonds of county officers, and the premiums may be paid by the

21145.  All bonds shall be approved by the board.

21146.  Each officer herein named shall be liable upon his bond for
his wilful violation of any express duty.

21147.  If any district is appointed fiscal agent of or by the
United States in connection with any Federal reclamation project,
each officer shall execute an additional bond, in the sum required by
the Secretary of the Interior, conditioned for the faithful
discharge of the duties of his office and the faithful discharge by
the district of its duties under the appointment; and the bond may be
sued upon by the United States or any person injured by the failure
of the officer or the district to perform promptly and completely his
or its respective duties.