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SECTION 22115-22124

22115.  Any district heretofore or hereafter formed may purchase or
lease electric power from any agency or entity, public or private,
and may provide for the acquisition, operation, leasing, and control
of plants for the generation, transmission, distribution, sale, and
lease of electric power, including sale to municipalities, public
utility districts, or persons.

22116.  All provisions of the California Irrigation District Act,
and of all acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, applying
to irrigation shall, as codified in this division, also be so
construed and enforced as to apply to electric power.

22117.  The officers, agents, and employees of districts have the
same powers, duties, and liabilities respecting electric power and
the acquisition, operation, and control relating to it as they have
respecting irrigation or districts.

22118.  The board and the officers, agents, and employees of
districts shall do all necessary and proper acts for the construction
and operation of its electric power works.

22119.  A district may distribute power without regard to any
assessments levied by it.

22120.  A district may sell, dispose of, and distribute electric
power for use outside of its boundaries.

22121.  Subject to the conditions in this article a district may in
the manner required by law make special appropriations of water for
power purposes.

22122.  Any use of water for generating electric power at any given
time of the year which is in excess of the water appropriated and
beneficially used for irrigation purposes by the district at that
period of the year shall be subject to all prior existing
appropriations by any municipal corporation which is proceeding in
good faith in the expenditure of money and the construction of works
designed to divert the water appropriated.

22123.  Any district providing electric power to areas outside its
boundaries shall be subject to reasonable rules, regulations, and
orders of the governing body of the city or county area being served,
but, in no event, more restrictive than the rules, regulations, and
orders of the Public Utilities Commission upon utilities providing
electric power to cities or counties. No district may impose rates,
rules, regulations, or orders in any such area outside its boundaries
which are different from rates, rules, regulations, or orders
imposed within the district, except with the consent of the governing
body of the affected area.

22124.  Every district furnishing electrical power shall comply with
Section 8029.5 of the Public Utilities Code.