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SECTION 30575-30586

30575.  The board is the governing body of the district.

30576.  The powers of districts enumerated in this division shall,
except as therein otherwise provided, be exercised by the board.

30577.  Each member of the board, or the secretary, may administer
oaths and affirmations in connection with the taking of testimony at
any hearing, investigation, or other matter pending before the board.

30578.  The president shall:
   (a) Sign all contracts on behalf of the district.
   (b) Perform other duties imposed by the board.

30579.  The secretary shall:
   (a) Countersign all contracts on behalf of the district.
   (b) Perform other duties imposed by the board.

30579.5.  Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision (a) of
Section 30578 and subdivision (a) of Section 30579, the board may
alternatively authorize, subject to such limitations and conditions
as it may determine, the execution of contracts on behalf of the
district by another officer or officers of the district.

30580.  The general manager shall:
   (a) Have full charge and control of the maintenance, operation,
and construction of the water works or water-works system of the
   (b) Have full power and authority to employ and discharge all
employees and assistants at pleasure.
   (c) Prescribe the duties of employees and assistants.
   (d) Fix and alter the compensation of employees and assistants
subject to approval by the board.

30581.  The general manager shall also:
   (a) Perform other duties imposed by the board.
   (b) Report to the board in accordance with the rules and
regulations as it adopts.

30582.  If the board appoints an auditor or treasurer pursuant to
Section 30540, the auditor or treasurer shall install and maintain a
system of auditing and accounting that shall completely and at all
times show the financial condition of the district.

30586.  The board of a district in existence on the effective date
of this section shall file a certificate with the Secretary of State
on or before January 1, 1964, listing:
   (a) The name of the district.
   (b) The date of formation.
   (c) The county or counties in which the district is located, and a
description of the boundaries of the district, or reference to a map
showing such boundaries, which map shall be attached to the
certificate, or reference to the county recorder's office where a
description of such boundaries has been recorded.
   If the order declaring the district formed contains all of the
information required to be in the certificate, the board may file a
copy of the order in lieu of the certificate. If the certificate
filed with the Secretary of State stating that the formation of the
district was approved by the voters contains all of the information
required by this section, no further certificate need be filed.