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SECTION 33115-33121

33115.  The Coachella Valley Storm Water District of Riverside
County was merged into the Coachella Valley County Water District on
October 19, 1937, pursuant to Chapter 469 of the Statutes of 1937.

33116.  The surviving district comprises all land in the county
water district at the time of the merger plus inclusions, and less
exclusions, of land thereafter made pursuant to law.

33117.  The name of the surviving district is Coachella Valley
County Water District.

33118.  The surviving district is a public agency of the State.

33119.  Upon the merger of the two districts the storm water
district for all purposes ceased to exist, and the offices of its
trustees and officers thereupon terminated.

33120.  Upon the merger the directors and officers of the county
water district then in office constituted the directors and officers
of the surviving district.

33121.  Upon the merger the surviving district succeeded to all
properties, rights and contracts of each of the two districts.