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SECTION 35025-35031

35025.  Each district may be divided into as many divisions as there
are directors of the district. The establishment of the divisions
and the boundaries thereof shall be made by the board of supervisors,
who shall make such division if requested by a resolution passed by
a majority of the board of directors or upon a petition signed by a
majority of eligible voters within the boundaries of the district.
Said resolution or petition shall be filed with the board of
supervisors at least 140 days before the next general district

35026.  Within 30 days after the filing of the petition or the
resolution requesting the establishment of divisions with the board
of supervisors, the board of supervisors shall hold a hearing and
shall hear any evidence produced to establish the validity of the
petition or resolution and such further evidence as may be necessary
as to divide the district into divisions as nearly equal in area as
may be practicable.

35027.  Within 10 days after said hearing, the board of supervisors,
if they determine that the resolution or petition is valid, shall
forthwith order the establishment of divisions in the district as
nearly equal in area as may be practicable and shall file a copy of
said order with the board of directors of the district.

35028.  After the entry of the order establishing divisions within a
district, one director shall be elected from each division and shall
be a holder of title to land therein.

35029.  The entry of the order dividing the district into divisions
shall not affect the term of any director until his term expires.

35030.  At least 80 days prior to the next general district
election, the board shall designate the divisions from which
directors shall be elected. The number designated shall equal the
number of directors to be elected at that election. At the next
succeeding general district election, the directors shall be elected
from the remaining divisions.

35031.  Divisions once established may be modified by the same
procedure as herein set forth for establishing divisions.