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SECTION 35200-35206

35200.  This chapter shall apply only to the manner in which
elections are conducted in the Borrego Water District.
   For the purposes of this chapter, "district" means the Borrego
Water District. In all other respects, the district shall continue to
be operated, managed, and governed as a California water district in
accordance with this division and other applicable provisions of

35201.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, or the bylaws of
the district, all elections held after January 1, 1981, within the
district shall be conducted as resident voter elections in accordance
with this chapter. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to
require resident voter approval of bonds where voter approval is not
required under the statutory or constitutional provisions in effect
prior to January 1, 1981.

35202.  Qualified voters of the district shall be residents of, and
registered voters in, the district.

35203.  All directors elected after January 1, 1981, shall be
qualified voters of the district at the time of their election and
during their term of office.

35204.  Directors of the district shall be elected on a districtwide
basis. Newly elected directors shall take office on the last Friday
in November immediately following the general district election.
   The term of office shall be for four years and each director shall
hold office until his successor qualifies and takes office. The
terms of office of directors shall continue to be staggered to keep
as nearly equal as practicable the number of directors to be elected
at each subsequent general district election.

35205.  In order to facilitate an orderly transition to resident
voter elections and to preserve staggered terms, the terms of office
of directors serving on January 1, 1981, shall remain unchanged and
no provision of this chapter shall be construed to disqualify any
director serving on that date from continuing in office; provided,
that any person appointed to fill a vacancy on the board of directors
shall be a qualified voter of the district as provided in Section

35206.  This chapter shall in no way invalidate any act of the
district or of its directors, officers, and employees made or
performed while the district was operating as a landowner voter