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SECTION 40650-40659

40650.  The directors elected at the formation election shall on the
first Tuesday after their election and qualification meet and
organize as a board and designate an office of the board, which shall
also be the office of the district, at which the board shall
thereafter hold its meetings.

40651.  The board shall hold a regular meeting each month at the
place selected as the district office.

40652.  The board may by resolution duly entered upon its minutes
fix any other time or place for the regular monthly meeting, but no
such change shall become effective until after the resolution making
it has been published once a week for two successive weeks in the
office county.

40653.  Special meetings of the board may be held as required for
the proper transaction of the business of the district, but shall be
ordered by a majority of the board.

40654.  The order calling a special meeting shall be entered of
record and specify the business to be transacted. Five days' notice
of the order must be given to each director not joining in the order.

40655.  No other business than that specified in the order may be
transacted at a special meeting unless all the members are present
and consent to the consideration of any business not specified in the

40656.  All meetings of the board shall be public and a majority
shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A smaller
number of directors than a quorum may adjourn from day to day.

40657.  All records of the board shall be open to public inspection
during business hours.

40657.5.  A district may destroy a record pursuant to Chapter 7
(commencing with Section 60200) of Division 1 of Title 6 of the
Government Code.

40658.  The board shall manage and conduct the business of the

40659.  The board of a district in existence on the effective date
of this section shall file a certificate with the Secretary of State
on or before January 1, 1964, listing:
   (a) The name of the district.
   (b) The date of formation.
   (c) The county or counties in which the district is located, and a
description of the boundaries of the district, or reference to a map
showing such boundaries, which map shall be attached to the
certificate, or reference to the county recorder's office where a
description of such boundaries has been recorded.
   If the order declaring the district formed contains all of the
information required to be in the certificate, the board may file a
copy of the order in lieu of the certificate.