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SECTION 46695-46696

46695.  Upon making any order fixing and calling an installment or
amount, the secretary shall also enter in the minutes of the board,
and certify to each county treasurer for signature and mailing or
publication in the affected counties, a notice in substantially the
following form:

   (Name) water storage district. (Location of the principal place of
business.) Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of
directors held on ____ an installment of ____ percent of assessment
number ____ was ordered paid within 60 days from the date thereof to
the respective county treasurers of the counties wherein lands of
such district are situate. Any installment which shall remain unpaid
on the (day fixed) will be delinquent, together with the accrued
interest thereon, with 10 percent of such installment and interest
added as penalty.
   For any installment which remains unpaid after the date it becomes
delinquent, the following procedure shall apply:
   (a) Unless the assessments, penalties, and interest delinquent are
paid by the date stated in a notice of sale, the delinquent property
shall, on that date, be sold to the highest bidder for nonpayment of
the delinquent assessments, penalties, and interest.
   (b) Subsequent to the sale of the delinquent property to the
highest bidder, the property may be redeemed by payment of the amount
specified in Section 46786 of the Water Code and, if applicable,
Section 46788.3 of the Water Code.
   (c) The name, address, and telephone number of the official who
will furnish all information concerning redemption is _______.
   (d) After three years have elapsed from the date of sale of the
delinquent property to the highest bidder, the right of redemption
may be terminated upon execution and delivery to the district of a
deed pursuant to Article 6 (commencing with Section 46785) of Chapter
5 of Part 9 of Division 14 of the Water Code.

  (Signed) ____________________________________
               Treasurer of _______ County.

46696.  The notice shall be sent through the mail, addressed to each
holder of title to land at the address shown on the county
assessment roll, together with a statement showing the amount due for
the applicable parcel or parcels. The notice shall also be published
once a week for two consecutive weeks in each affected county.