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SECTION 46755-46761

46755.  The date of the sale of assessed property shall not be less
than 10 days after the date of the last publication of the notice of

46756.  At the time stated in the notice, or such other time to
which the sale may have been postponed, the county treasurer shall
sell the property to the highest bidder for lawful money of the
United States.

46757.  Out of the proceeds of sale, the county treasurer shall
deposit the amount due on the property as shown in the notice in the
proper fund of the district.

46758.  The county treasurer shall pay to the owner of the property
any surplus remaining after the deposit to the credit of the
district, after first deducting any expense of sale.

46759.  Except where bonds have been issued upon an assessment, the
board may direct the county treasurer to postpone the sale from time
to time, for not less than 10 nor more than 30 days at one time, by a
written notice posted at the place of sale.

46759.5.  Except where bonds have been issued upon an assessment,
the board of directors may, by resolution filed with the county
treasurer of the affected county on or before the time for the sale,
order the treasurer to sell all the property to the district for the
amount due. Upon receipt of the resolution the treasurer shall, at
the time and place of the sale, post a notice that no sale will be
held in front of the county courthouse and that the property is sold
to the district in accordance with the terms of the resolution.

46760.  Upon filing of a resolution pursuant to Section 46759.5 or
if no bid is made for the property equal to the amount due thereon,
the property shall be sold to the district for the amount due.

46761.  A certificate of sale shall be executed by the county
treasurer to the purchaser, and this certificate of sale shall be
recorded in the office of the county recorder.