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SECTION 48200-48205

48200.  The holders of title representing one-half or more of any
body of land within the same watershed as an existing district may
file with the board a written petition praying that the boundaries of
the district may be so changed as to include their land. The land
need not be contiguous to the existing boundaries of the district and
need not consist of contiguous parcels. A copy of the petiton shall
be filed with the board.

48201.  The petition shall describe the boundaries of the parcel or
tract of land and the boundaries of the several parcels owned by the
petitioners, if the petitioners are the owners, respectively, of
distinct parcels. The descriptions need not be more particular than
they are required to be when such land is entered by the county
assessor in the assessment book.

48202.  The petition shall be acknowledged, and shall contain the
assent of the petitioners to the inclusion within the district of the
land described in the petition and of which the petition alleges
they are the owners.

48203.  The board shall cause a notice of the filing of the petition
to be published in the same manner and for the same time that
notices of special elections for the issue of bonds are required by
this division to be published.

48204.  The notice shall state all the following:
   (a) The filing of the petition and the names of the petitioners.
   (b) A description of the land mentioned in the petition.
   (c) The prayer of the petition.
   (d) That all interested persons may appear at the time stated in
the notice at the office of the board and show cause in writing why
the change of the boundaries of the district, as proposed in the
petition, should not be made.

48205.  The petitioners shall advance to the board sufficient money
to pay the estimated costs of all proceedings upon the petition.