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137.25 Submission of written documents.


(1) Unless otherwise prohibited by law, with the consent of a governmental unit of this state that is to receive a record, any record that is required by law to be submitted in writing to that governmental unit and that requires a written signature may be submitted as an electronic record, and if submitted as an electronic record may incorporate an electronic signature.


(2) The department of administration shall promulgate rules concerning the use of electronic records and electronic signatures by governmental units, which shall govern the use of electronic records or signatures by governmental units, unless otherwise provided by law. The rules shall include standards regarding the receipt of electronic records or electronic signatures that promote consistency and interoperability with other standards adopted by other governmental units of this state and other states and the federal government and nongovernmental persons interacting with governmental units of this state. The standards may include alternative provisions if warranted to meet particular applications.

137.25 - ANNOT.

History: 1997 a. 306; 2003 a. 294 ss. 10t, 11, 13m.