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157.125 Trustees for the care of cemeteries or cemetery lots.


(1) If a trust is created for the care of a burial place or grave but no trustee is named in the will to administer the trust, the circuit court having jurisdiction may name the county treasurer of the county in which the burial place or grave is situated as trustee, except as provided in sub. (2). If not contrary to the terms of the trust, the county treasurer may contract with the person in charge of the burial place or grave for its care and pay to that person the income from the trust property or the part of the income that may be necessary for that purpose, and if there is no person in charge of the burial place or grave then the income shall be paid to the city, village or town, in which the burial place or grave is situated, and for the purposes of this subsection the governing body of that municipality has the duty of caring for the burial place or grave to the extent of money received for that purpose. The county treasurer shall annually render an account to the circuit court as provided in ch. 701 and the person or municipality receiving money for such care shall also render an annual accounting to the circuit court and the department as provided in s. 157.62 (2) (b) 3. to 7.


(2) If the burial place or grave is located in a cemetery owned and operated by a religious society organized under ch. 187, the court shall name the religious society as the trustee unless the religious society petitions the court to name the county treasurer as the trustee.

157.125 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 41 s. 11; 1979 c. 175 s. 50; 1989 a. 307.