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24.715 Collections from federated public library systems.


(1) Applicability. This section applies to all outstanding trust fund loans to federated public library systems.


(2) Certified statement. If a federated public library system has a state trust fund loan, the board shall transmit to the system board a certified statement of the amount due on or before October 1 of each year until the loan is paid. The board shall furnish a copy of each certified statement to the state treasurer and the department of public instruction.


(3) Payment to board. The system board shall transmit to the board on its own order the full amount levied for state trust fund loans within 15 days after March 15. Any payment not made by March 30 is delinquent and is subject to a penalty of one percent per month or fraction thereof, to be paid to the board with the delinquent payment.


(4) Failure to make payment. If the system board fails to remit the amounts due under sub. (3), the state superintendent, upon certification of delinquency by the board, shall deduct the amount due, including any penalty, from any aid payments due the system, shall remit such amount to the state treasurer and, no later than June 15, shall notify the system board and the board to that effect.

24.715 - ANNOT.

History: 2001 a. 16, 104; 2009 a. 2.