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254.715 Restaurants serving fish.


(1) A restaurant or temporary restaurant may serve fish taken from the wild to the individual who caught the fish, or to his or her guests, without obtaining a permit under s. 29.541 (1) (b) if all of the following conditions are satisfied:


(a) The fish are legally taken.


(b) While the fish are at the restaurant and before the fish are prepared for eating, they are stored in a cooler, which may be a portable cooler, that does not contain any other food.


(c) The area where the fish are prepared for eating is washed and sanitized before and after preparation of the fish.


(d) All items used to prepare and serve the fish are washed in a dishwasher after such use.


(2) A restaurant or temporary restaurant may make a pecuniary profit from preparing and serving fish as provided under sub. (1).

254.715 – ANNOT.

History: 2007 a. 20.