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279.21 Reports and records.


(1) The authority shall keep an accurate account of all of its activities and of all of its receipts and expenditures, and shall annually in January make a report of its activities, receipts, and expenditures to the governor and to the chief clerk of each house of the legislature, for distribution to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2). The reports shall be in a form approved by the state auditor. The state auditor may investigate the affairs of the authority, may examine the property and records of the authority, and may prescribe methods of accounting and the rendering of periodical reports in relation to activities undertaken by the authority.


(2) The authority, annually on January 15, shall file with the department of administration and the joint legislative council a complete and current listing of all forms, reports, and papers required by the authority to be completed by any person, other than a governmental body, as a condition of obtaining the approval of the authority or for any other reason. The authority shall attach a blank copy of each such form, report, or paper to the listing.

279.21 – ANNOT.

History: 2007 a. 20.