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341.295 Special registration period for vehicles other than private automobiles and taxicabs.


(1) The secretary may require that any vehicle subject to s. 341.29 be registered according to the monthly series system of registration prescribed by this section.


(2) There are established 12 registration periods, each to be designated by a calendar month and to start on the first day of such month and end on the last day of the 12th month from the date of commencing. The department shall so administer the monthly series system of registration as to distribute the work of registration throughout the calendar year.


(3) All vehicles subject to registration under the monthly series system under this section shall be registered by the department for a period of 12 consecutive calendar months except as follows:


(a) If the applicant holds registration plates which were removed from a vehicle under s. 341.31 (4) (c), 342.15 (4) (a) or 342.34 (1) (c) or (2) (c), and the plates were issued under the monthly series system, the department shall register a replacement vehicle of the same type and gross weight which is the subject of the application for the remainder of the unexpired registration period.


(b) If the applicant does not hold current registration plates under the circumstances described in par. (a) and the application is an original rather than renewal application, the department may register the vehicle which is the subject of the application for such period or part of a period as the secretary determines will help to equalize the registration and renewal workload of the department.


(4) Section 341.31 applies to any vehicles registered according to the monthly series system under this section.


(5) When it initially implements the monthly series registration system under this section, the department may provide for renewal registration periods of not less than 6 months nor more than 18 months. The fees under this subsection shall be assessed according to the length of the registration periods.

341.295 - ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 20; 1983 a. 126, 227, 270, 538; 1987 a. 349.