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39.76 Compact commission delegation.


(1) State representation on the education commission of the states. There is created a 7-member delegation to represent the state of Wisconsin on the education commission of the states. The delegation shall consist of the governor, the state superintendent of public instruction, one senator and one representative to the assembly selected as are the members of standing committees in their respective houses, and 3 members appointed by the governor in compliance with s. 39.75 (3) (a) who shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. The chairperson of the delegation shall be designated by the governor from among its members. Members of the delegation shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties from the appropriation in s. 20.505 (1) (ka). Annual commission membership dues shall be paid from the appropriation in s. 20.505 (1) (ka).


(2) Administration service. The department of administration shall provide administrative and staff services for the delegation to the education commission of the states.


(3) Reports; bylaws. Under s. 39.75 (3) (j), the education commission of the states shall file a copy of its bylaws and any amendments thereto with the secretary of state and the office of the governor on or before January 15 of each odd-numbered year. The delegation or the education commission of the states shall submit to the governor and the chief clerk of each house of the legislature, for distribution to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2), a report of the activities of the delegation and the commission.


(4) Cooperation of state agencies. Any existing state department or board in the field of public education shall within existing appropriations cooperate with the education compact delegation in the execution of its functions.

39.76 – ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 29 s. 1649; 1977 c. 325; 1981 c. 20 s. 2202 (1) (b); 1981 c. 390; 1987 a. 186; 2001 a. 16; 2005 a. 25.