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59.29 Transportation, apprehension of criminals.


(1) Transportation of criminals through other counties; rewards for their apprehension.


(a) Any sheriff or other officer who has legally arrested any person in any county may pass across and through such parts of any other county or counties as are in the ordinary route of travel from the place where such person was arrested to the place where the person is to be conveyed, according to the command of the process by which such arrest was made; and such conveyance of such prisoner shall not be considered an escape, nor shall the prisoner so conveyed or the officers having the prisoner in custody be liable to arrest on any civil process while passing through such other county or counties.


(b) Whenever a person convicted of, or charged with, any felony, the punishment for which is not less than 5 years' imprisonment, shall escape, or whenever any such felony shall be committed by any unknown person or persons the sheriff of the county from which such escape was made or in which such felony was committed may, with the consent of the chairperson of the board of such county when such board is not in session, and with the consent of the board when it is in session, offer such reward for the apprehension and delivery of such escaped person, or the apprehension or conviction of the perpetrator of such felony as the sheriff considers necessary, not exceeding $1,000 in any one case; but no such reward or any part thereof shall be paid to any such sheriff, undersheriff or any deputy. The right to any such reward shall be determined finally by such sheriff; and if more than one person claims the reward the sheriff shall determine what portion, if any, the claimants are entitled to, and shall certify the determination to the treasurer, and such certificate shall be the treasurer's authority for paying the sum so certified.


(2) Compensation for apprehensions in other states; conditions.


(a) In all cases where by the laws of this state the governor is authorized to demand of the executive authority of any other state any fugitive from justice or any person charged with a crime in this state and to appoint an agent to receive such person, and such person is apprehended in any other state by the sheriff or deputy sheriff of the county in this state where the warrant for such fugitive from justice is properly issued, or such crime was committed, and such person voluntarily returns with said sheriff to this state without requisition, such sheriff shall be entitled to $8 per day for the time necessarily expended in traveling to, apprehending and returning with such person and the sheriff's actual and necessary expenses for such time, which compensation and expenses shall be allowed by the board of such county upon the presentation thereto of an itemized and verified account, stating the number of days that the sheriff was engaged, the number of miles traveled and each item of expense incurred in rendering such services, including the transportation and board of the person in custody. No allowance whatever shall be made to the sheriff as mileage.


(b) The sheriff of any county having less than 300,000 population shall not receive the compensation provided under par. (a), unless the apprehension was duly authorized in writing by the district attorney or by the circuit judge for the county where the crime was committed. The written authority shall certify that the ends of justice will be served by the apprehension and return of the person, and the sheriff shall attach the certificate to and file it with his or her itemized account of such services.


(c) If the district attorney certifies in writing that it is necessary or desirable, the sheriff or deputy sheriff may be accompanied and assisted in retaining custody of any such prisoner, by one or more other deputy sheriffs, who shall be entitled to compensation for such services at the rate of $5 per day, unless a different rate is established by resolution of the board, and to their necessary and actual expenses. Such compensation and expenses shall be claimed and allowed in the manner provided in par. (a) and the said certificate of the district attorney shall be attached to the verified account of such deputy for such services.

59.29 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 449; 1991 a. 316; 1995 a. 201 ss. 285, 289, 290; 1995 a. 225; 1997 a. 35.

59.29 - ANNOT.

The authority of county officials to offer rewards for the arrest or conviction of persons violating the criminal law is limited to the circumstances set forth in s. 59.25 (2) [now s. 59.29 (1) (b)]. 63 Atty. Gen. 555.