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814.67 Fees of witnesses and interpreters.


(1) The fees of witnesses and interpreters shall be as follows:


(a) For attending before a municipal judge, an arbitrator, or any officer, board or committee:


1. For witnesses, $5 per day.


2. For interpreters, $10 per one-half day or such higher fees as the municipality or county board may establish.


(am) For witnesses attending before a circuit court, $16 per day.


(b) For attending before the court of appeals or the supreme court:


1. For witnesses, $16 per day.


2. For interpreters, a fee determined by the supreme court.


(bg) For interpreters assisting the state public defender in representing an indigent in preparing for court proceedings, $35 per one-half day.


(c) For traveling, going and returning from his or her residence if within the state; or, if without the state, from the point where he or she crosses the state boundary to the place of attendance, and returning by the usually traveled route between such points:


1. For witnesses, the rate of 20 cents per mile.


2. For interpreters, the mileage rate set under s. 20.916 (8).


(2) A witness or interpreter is entitled to fees only for the time he or she is in actual and necessary attendance as such; and is not entitled to receive pay in more than one action or proceeding for the same attendance or travel on behalf of the same party. A person is not entitled to fees as a witness or interpreter while attending court as an officer or juror. An attorney or counsel in any cause may not be allowed any fee as a witness or interpreter therein.

814.67 - ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 317; 1987 a. 27; 1995 a. 27; 2001 a. 16; 2009 a. 28.