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88.33 Drainage project may be stopped prior to organization of district.


(1) At any time prior to the entry of the order organizing a drainage district, the owners who represent a majority of the lands described in the petition for drainage or who represent a majority of the lands contained in the report of the drainage board may file with the court a petition requesting that no further proceeding be had and that no further expense chargeable to the proposed drainage district be incurred.


(2) Upon receipt of the petition the court shall fix a time and place of the hearing on the petition and shall cause notice of the hearing to be given as provided in s. 88.05 (1) (b) to the persons specified in s. 88.05 (4) (b). If on the hearing the court finds that the petition is signed by the required number of owners, that notice of the hearing was properly given, and that the conditions of sub. (3) have been met, it shall enter an order directing that the proceedings to organize the district cease.


(3) As a condition of issuing the order under sub. (2), the court shall require those petitioners under this section who also were petitioners under s. 88.27 to pay the expenses of the hearing under this section and all expenses incurred to date in connection with the proceedings to organize the district.

88.33 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 456.