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88.35 Laying out drains, assessment of benefits and award of damages in newly organized district.


(1) Upon the organization of a drainage district, the board shall with the aid of an engineer having the qualifications specified in s. 88.21 (5):


(a) Lay out drains of sufficient depth to adequately drain the lands proposed to be drained, including the preparation of profiles showing the grades of all drains and a map showing the boundaries of the drainage district and the proposed location of all drains;


(b) Assess the benefits that will accrue to each parcel of land benefited;


(c) Award damages to such lands as will be damaged;


(d) Estimate the cost of construction;


(e) Assess the cost of construction against the benefited lands in proportion to the benefits received by each;


(f) Estimate the annual cost of maintenance and operation of the drainage district.


(2) In laying out the drains the board shall not be confined to the points of commencement, routes or end points of the drains or the number, extent or size of the drains, or the location, plan or extent of any drain as proposed by the petition under s. 88.28, but shall locate, design, lay out and plan the drains in the manner that seems best to the board to promote the public health or welfare and to drain or to protect the lands of the parties interested with the least damage and greatest benefit to all of the affected lands. In determining the sufficiency of the depth and capacity of the drains, the board shall consider whether other lands lie above and drain in the direction of, through and along the general course of the proposed drains.


(3) If the board finds that the drainage district, as described in the petition under s. 88.28, will not embrace all the lands that will be benefited by the proposed work or that it will include lands that will not be benefited or do not need to be included in the drainage district for any purpose, it may extend or contract the boundaries of the district so as to include or exclude all such lands using the procedures in s. 88.78 or 88.80.


(4) In assessing benefits to farm lands, the board shall ascertain and consider the depth, quality and character of the surface and subsoils, the thoroughness of drainage, the difficulty of drainage, the uses to which the land when drained will be adapted, and all other material elements entering into the increase in the value of such land resulting from the proposed work.


(5) If the damages to any land exceeds the assessment for cost of construction levied against such land the excess shall be paid out of the assessment for cost of construction levied against all lands.


(5m) If navigable waters are affected by the proposed drainage, the drainage board shall obtain a permit under s. 88.31. This subsection does not apply to the Duck Creek Drainage District.


(6) Upon the completion of its duties under subs. (1) to (5m), the board shall prepare a written report, including a copy of any maps, plans or profiles that it has prepared. The assessment of benefits and awards of damages shall be set forth in substantially the following form: [See Figure 88.35 (6) following]

Figure 88.35 (6):
Description of land or name of corporation
Assessed benefits
Assessed for construction
Net assessment for construction
Section 6, Town
Range, SE 1/4 NE 1/4
$ 850.00
$ 425.00
$ 10.50
Lot 1
Village of
B.G. & Q. Ry. Co.
Town of


(7) If the area of the district exceeds 200 acres, the report shall be submitted to the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection. Within 45 days after its receipt, the department shall return it with a copy of the report prepared under s. 88.11 (3) and the department's approval or disapproval of the report prepared under sub. (6).

88.35 - ANNOT.

History: 1979 c. 110; 1989 a. 31; 1993 a. 456; 1999 a. 9; 2007 a. 121.