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88.44 Contesting validity of assessments.


(1) If an interested person petitions the drainage board for review of the validity of any order assessing benefits or costs, correcting omitted assessments, reassessing benefits or apportioning benefits upon division of a parcel, the drainage board shall fix a time and place of hearing and require all interested persons to show cause why the assessment should be modified. The order to show cause shall be served as provided in s. 801.11 upon such persons as the court directs.


(2) Any person objecting to the validation of the assessment shall, on or before the day fixed for the hearing, file a written statement of the person's objections with the drainage board. The drainage board shall hear the objections at the time fixed for the hearing and shall enter an order directing all necessary amendments and curing all defects in the former proceedings or shall render valid and binding the former order.


(3) No drainage assessment is void or voidable for irregularity in the proceedings unless it is shown that the assessment is inequitable.


(4) An interested person shall submit a petition under sub. (1) and obtain either the decision of the drainage board under this section or a denial of the petition for a hearing before seeking judicial review of the drainage board's order levying an assessment.

88.44 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 316; 1993 a. 456.