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88.54 Borrowing money.


(1) At any time after the filing of a petition for organization of a drainage district but before the court issues an order organizing the drainage district, the drainage board may, with the consent of the court, borrow money in the name of the proposed drainage district to defray the expenses of organization.


(2) The board may borrow money in an amount not exceeding the then unpaid assessments for costs, for the purpose of paying any or all obligations of a drainage district or for refunding existing notes or bonds. The board may secure the indebtedness by notes or bonds of the district, bearing interest at a rate approved by the board and running not beyond one year after the due date of the last installment of the assessments on account of which the money was borrowed. The notes and bonds constitute a lien upon all confirmed assessments for costs that are unpaid at the time the notes are given or bonds issued. Board members are not personally liable on the notes or bonds.


(3) If the board desires to borrow money upon the notes or bonds of a drainage district to be paid during a series of years and after the lapse of a period of not more than 3 years, the board shall first publish a class 2 notice, under ch. 985, to invite proposals to furnish the money desired at the most favorable rate of interest or, if notes or bonds are issued at a specific rate of interest approved by the board, proposals to purchase the notes or bonds at the best premium. If the advertisement is made without success and if the board is unable to sell the notes or bonds at par or above, the board may sell the notes or bonds at private sale at the best price it can obtain for them.


(4) If at any time the board finds that a district does not have or will not have sufficient funds on hand to pay any lawful indebtedness of the district when the indebtedness becomes due, or if any extraordinary emergency requires borrowing, the board may borrow money to pay the indebtedness or meet the emergency. If the amount to be borrowed does not exceed $8,000 and the loan does not run beyond one year, the board may borrow the money without holding a hearing. In other cases, s. 88.065 applies. When necessary, additional assessments to pay the loans shall be made under s. 88.23.


(6) Except in the case of refunding bonds, no evidence of indebtedness of a district running for more than one year is valid unless approved by the attorney general and unless it bears a statement showing the approval.


(7) The board shall keep a record of all bonds and notes issued on behalf of a district. Such record shall show with respect to each bond and note the number, series, date, principal, rate of interest and date of maturity thereof, the date when interest is due thereon and any payments made. If a bond or note is refunded it shall be marked "Refunded by No. ....". The board shall execute all bonds or notes it offers to the public that mature after more than one year as provided in s. 67.08 (1) and may register these bonds or notes under s. 67.09.

88.54 - ANNOT.

History: 1983 a. 24; 1987 a. 275; 1991 a. 316; 1993 a. 456.